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Non-Telescoping WISPsystem

Non-Telescoping WISPsystem

Non-Telescoping WISPsystem



Get 2 Non-Telescoping WISPsystems For ONLY $49.95 + S&H

  • System includes non-telescoping 56" handle WISPpan & WISPaway
  • Patented WISPsystem is faster, easier & more efficient than broom/dustpan
  • One-handed, effortless cleaning without stooping or bending over
  • Use a gentle “push-pull” motion vs. side-to-side sweeping
  • Dense, short 90° angle electrostatic bristles collect dirt, pet hair, dust, & more
  • Don’t trust anything else for dangerous shattered glass cleanup
  • Handy WISPpan side combs for easily scraping bristle debris into WISPpan
  • WISPaway storage sleeve hangs neatly on pantry door
  • Sleek & stylish in designer Blue, and Gray

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Non-Telescoping WISPsystem

Get the Non-Telescoping Handle

Join a new generation of WISPers … Stop Sweeping…Start WISPing!

  • Non-Telescoping Handle

    State of the art technology with non-telescoping handle has 56" length for long reach and quick to use.

  • WISPaway

    Conveniently hang the WISPaway on any kitchen cabinet, door or wall to allow easy hanging of the WISP displayed elegantly or discreetly.

  • WISPpan

    The world's most ergonomic dustpan. Step-on design creates a floor-to-pan seal reducing back strain while sophisticated side combs makes cleaning bristles a breeze.

  • 90 Degree Bristles

    WISP's patented Bristle Seal Technology positions bristles 90° from the floor creating a seal to the floor able to capture glass, debris and fine dust with a single pass.

Get your Non-Telescoping Handle WISPsystem

Stop Sweeping & Start WISPing

The world’s most efficient, common-sense cleaning system. Takes the pain & hassle out of sweeping. It will replace all brooms & dustpans. Perfect for everyone: moms, seniors, pet-parents, guys, & shopkeepers. Patented WISPsystem is scientifically engineered to help you work less & save precious time. WISP is safe on most surfaces. No need for chemicals or solvents
Stop Sweeping & Start WISPing

Non-Telescoping Handle

Ultra lightweight steel for easy sweeping. It has a 56" non-telescoping handle that makes it easy and quick to use. WISP goes where no broom can including under most low-lying furniture. Clean window screens or catch cobwebs in ceiling corners & maneuver with ease. No more strain on your back & knees.
Non-Telescoping Handle

Patented WISPpan

With wide shelf & deep basin, WISPpan traps debris while you easily move it with your foot. When stepped on, the pan applies 4 pressure points for a smooth, clean seal to the floor. It eliminates the need to bend over to sweep into dustpan & to re-sweep what you’re old dustpan didn’t catch. After you clean bristles with WISPpan side combs, just empty the mess from your WISPpan in the trash & keep your hands clean
Patented WISPpan

Electrostatic Bristles

WISPs 12″-wide short dense 90° angle electrostatic bristles create a squeegee-like effect against your floor. No dust, allergens, & pet-hair get flung back in the air. WISP’s Bristle Seal® Technology attracts & collects pet-hair from virtually any surface including carpet, upholstery, & car seats.
Electrostatic Bristles

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