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  • Patented miniWISP attracts & collects stubborn pet hair & dirt off any surface
  • Dense, short 90° angle electrostatic bristles in convenient 6″ width
  • Dustpan combs make bristle cleaning easy & hands free
  • Compact size easily stores in bag, car, truck, RV, or in camping gear
  • miniWISP's make great stocking stuffers for friends and family

Discover the miniWISP

The most efficient cleanup tool in the palm of your hand

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The world’s most efficient, cleaning system comes in a compact on-the-go size. miniWISP is perfect for cleaning pet hair & sweeping up messes in tight areas. The miniWISP System is a hand broom that includes miniWISP & miniWISPpan.
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Smaller & Smarter

Homeowners, pet owners & active individuals love the versatility & convenience of miniWISP. Like our classic WISPsystem, the miniWISP is a scientifically engineered hand broom to help you work less & save time.

Convenient Storage

Re-attach miniWISP to the miniWISPpan (bristles side up) in one quick snap. It fits easily in glove boxes, backpacks, utility drawers, RVs, boats, or anywhere life’s little messes need cleaning.
Convenient Storage

miniWISPpan Cleaning Combs

Cleaning the bristles is simple. Just run them through combs on either side of the miniWISPpan then empty into the trash, keeping your hands clean.

Bristle Seal® Technology

miniWISP uses the same Bristle Seal® Technology as the WISP. The dense 90° angle electrostatic bristles attract pet hair & other debris with less effort so you aren’t just pushing the mess around.
Bristle Seal® Technology

Great for the Outdoors

The miniWISP is perfect for the outdoors. With its convenient travel size its great for picnics, camping and even RV's. Just pack up your miniWISP and take it with you...anywhere.

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