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Key Benefits of the WISP

WISP One-Handed Broom TM

Save Time & Energy, Stand upright. Clean one-handed with long easy gliding strokes and no “do-overs.” Coffee grounds, pet hair, or tracked-in dirt. It’s no problem with WISP®. There’s no need to exert excess pressure. And you don’t have to bend over to re-sweep side-to-side into your dustpan. Just lightly sweep in a gentle “rake-like” motion – forward and backward.

Pet Hair

Electrostatic Bristles Grab Pet Hair
If you have pets…you need a WISP. It gets pet hair off any surface. The WISP fits in spaces and places that pet hair hides. It doesn’t matter what kind of floor it is. The WISP Pet Broom will attract and trap all the pet hair in just a WISP.

Got pet hair on your furniture? Just grab your miniWISP and pull it across your furniture and just WISP the hair away!

Electrostatic Bristles

WISPs 12″-wide short dense 90° angle electrostatic bristles create a squeegee-like effect against your floor. No dust, allergens, & pet-hair get flung back in the air. WISP’s Bristle Seal® Technology attracts & collects pet-hair from virtually any surface including carpet, upholstery, & car seats.
Electrostatic Bristles

Naturally Versatile

From Floor to Ceiling
WISP is safe on most surfaces inside and out! It means no chemicals or cleaning solvents. Carpet, tile, wood, furniture, walls, car seats, window screens, putting greens, and garages. Virtually anywhere. WISP glides under tables and around chairs. It goes where no broom can and it’s killer on cobwebs in hard-to-reach ceiling corners or that fine dust in window screens.

WISP for Glass Cleanups

Normally, you’d kneel down and grab the bigger pieces. Then you’d sweep and re-sweep until the glass was removed. If you used a broom, chances are you missed shards. They could be stuck in broom bristles. But most likely you’ve spread them elsewhere. If you used a wet paper towel, you risk cuts. WISP’s Bristle Seal Technology insures you get it all. WISP helps keep your home safe.

Clean Up After Kids

If you have kids…you need a WISP Broom & dustpan. Things get spilled, things get broken. When you need to clean up something fast, the WISP is always right there. If you have back problems…you need a WISP. You can make the handle as long or as short as you need so it’s comfortable for you! Reach under tables or up the walls with no pain or strain at all! Nothing is easier, faster or more effortless than the WISP.
Clean Up After Kids

WISP Products Reviews

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"The BEST! It picked up after my Dyson!!"
"I love this little broom....Its the little things in life."
"THE PERFECT tool for small, troublesome clean-ups! WISPerfection! Buy It Now, Love it for life!"
"Never before in my life have I loved a broom! This is an exceptionally well-designed product; lots of thought has gone into it. A triumph of sweeping technology!"
"The broom is a miracle. Its electrostatic bristles can collect pet hair and dust making cleaning a breeze."