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Want a Better Way to Clean Your Carpets?

A broom on a carpet? That’s right, and it works. The WISP is a whole new way to look at the broom. The firm and durable bristles use electrostatic energy to clean the tops of your carpet. Using a back and forth motion over your carpet, pull up the hair and debris that your vacuum missed! The built-in comb on the pan will keep the bristles clean. Don’t pull anything off with your fingers anymore! This amazing broom is useful all over the house.

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WISP Cleaning Set

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning isn’t just limited to your vacuum. The WISP makes an amazing carpet cleaner. The 12” cleaning head has dense bristles that pull dog hairs and debris from the carpet fibers. The miniWISP can also do the job, getting dirt off your welcome mats and bathroom rugs. Easy and efficient, your WISPsystem will keep the entire home clean.

Carpet Sweeper

Carpet Sweepers are hard to clean and lose their effectiveness after the bristles get dirty. The WISPpan has built in combs that to keep the bristles hair free. Just tap the head on the ground and run the bristles through the comb. The WISPpan stores right with the WISP for convenience and with the WISPaway, hangs up in your closet or utility space to preserve the life of the bristles.

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Carpet Broom

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Carpet Rake

The WISP has many uses. It also functions as a carpet rake, pulling up pet hair and keeping your carpet much cleaner. Using firm strokes, move in a back and forth motion over your carpets and rugs to remove pet hairs. The WISP doesn’t stop there though, the miniWISP can also be used on your furniture to clean up pet fur! The dense bristles are effective and easy to clean with the built in combs on the WISPpan.

Carpet Rake

Carpet Brush

Much like a carpet brush, the WISP can fit into places that some vacuums may not. The flat, wide head can reach under chairs and the edges of furniture. Keep tassels clean and corners tidy. Lightweight and easy to use, the WISP won’t weigh you down like a vacuum. Don’t worry about cords or batteries, keep the WISP on hand to keep your carpets clean.

Better than brooms. Easier than vacuums.

Choose the WISP that best fits your needs


Our most popular carpet broom. Includes a telescoping handle for up to 51" of reach.


Compact and powerful. Perfect for keeping your carpet clean from pet hair and other debris.


The biggest of the WISP products, choose from either 18" or 24" bigWISPs for open spaces.