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Patented WISPsystem is faster, easier & more efficient than broom/dustpan One-handed, effortless cleaning without stooping or bending over Use a gentle “push-pull” motion vs. side-to-side sweeping System includes telescoping handle up to 51″ ...
Patented miniWISP attracts & collects stubborn pet hair & dirt off any surface Dense, short 90° angle electrostatic bristles in convenient 6″ width Dustpan combs make bristle cleaning easy & hands free Compact size easily stores in ...
from $22.95
Patented design push broom delivers big-time cleaning power for big messes & tough jobs inside & out Bristle Seal® Technology features dense short 90° angle electrostatic bristles Available in 18″ & 24” widths We have taken 3lbs off y...
WISP Cleaning Set
$39.95 $44.90
The WISP Cleaning Set is the perfect combination for all of your small and large home cleaning needs. WISPsystem (WISP, WISPpan & WISPaway) miniWISP (miniWISP & miniWISPpan) Only Ships Inside The USA
WISP Home Collection
$59.95 $70.85
The original WISP Home Collection gives you everything you need to clean your home, car and garage. WISPsystem (WISP, WISPpan & WISPaway)miniWISP (miniWISP & miniWISPpan)bigWISP (24" Width)