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Our Story

The WISP® Revolutionizes the Way We Clean

Ebon, WISP founder

Like many ambitious businessmen, competitive athletes, and entrepreneurs, Eben Dobson has pushed himself to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Although others may see the broom and dustpan as mundane, Dobson does not. He saw a need to pursue something as simple as the broom and make it better, dare we say exciting? Dobson’s life experiences have inadvertently led him to create the WISPsystem®, a revolutionary alternative to the broom and dustpan.

Similar to those who share a life-long passion for the game of golf, Eben (a competitive scratch golfer) has learned a myriad of lessons from the course. Never did he think his biggest lesson would involve a simpler, more effective way to clean greens. Frustrated by sand on the green interfering with his put, Dobson envisioned a tool with an innovative type of bristle that could quickly and thoroughly remove sand. The WISP® is that solution; an etiquette tool that gently sifts the sand past the canopy, restoring the green back to its original condition, leaving it better for the following group(s).

Months later, these WISPS® began missing from the course; it was discovered they were being taken home for personal use. Prompted to find out why, the answer became simple: it cleaned their floors and carpets like nothing else! Eben’s “lightbulb moment” propelled the start of the home and commercial version of the WISP® brand.

Eben then spent numerous years devouring the broom industry, which had not been challenged in centuries. Through invaluable feedback, comments, and common frustrations shared by countless people, the conception of the WISPsystem® emerged. To ensure the most sophisticated, innovative solution, Dobson worked tirelessly with engineers to create an ingenious way to replace traditional sweeping. After rigorous testing and tweaking, there is finally a better, easier way to sweep.

Today, the WISPsystem® is now revolutionizing the way we clean our homes, offices and shops and a new challenge presents itself to Dobson. Get the message out to the world to stop sweeping, and start WISPing! A challenge he gratefully accepts.