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for the golfer

Roger Maltbie Endorses the WISP

The pocketWISP will give all players fair and equal conditions that were enjoyed by the first group of the day.

- Roger Maltbie, retired professional golfer and NBC golf commentator

For the Golfer

  • The advanced bristle technology allows you to remove sand and debris and keep the greens pristine.
  • WISP achieves the cleanest line of putt in accordance with USGA rule 16-1.
  • The strong polymer bristles of the WISP won’t fall out or wear out so you don’t have to keep replacing it.

I have always wondered why we rake bunkers and do nothing about the sand on the green?! My pocketWISP now gives me a simple method to insure equal conditions as the first group of the day had.

I tried explaining to my buddy how the pocketWISP worked but the look on his face was priceless when I unclipped it from my bag and he saw how easy and effective it is. The bristle cleaned the sand and debris left by HIS bunker shot out of my line! Needless to say you will getting some orders from players at my Club!